The Value of Your Time

Our time is valuable and all parents have the same reaction when we see how fast our children grow up.  I look at my own family and here we are with our youngest who will be graduating from college this spring.  Where did the time go?  We have learned about the formative years and we know that our relationships with our children will have an impact on how things go in their teen years.  Yes our time is valuable – especially with our children.

In fact we hear the term spending our time.  This is a very real term.  In the stead of thinking about how we spend our money, we may want to think about this in terms of money.  If we are going to take 5 years to save enough to pay for an item, no matter what the item is, we are in fact spending one- twelfth of our adult life for this item.  Is this item worth spending that amount of time?

Talk to anyone in their 50’s or 60’s and you will hear that what and how they think about their time is different.  They begin thinking about what they will be remembered for, what will they contribute to their community and society, the world?  I would suggest that now is the time to think about those things.  If we can help parents and young students to ask themselves, What is worth spending my life on?  What is on my agenda today that is worthy of my life?

Each of us have the same number of hours in the day and week.  Once it is gone, there is no bringing it back.  In the matter of time management, one question that will impact your effectiveness is, What are the 4 or 5  things that I can do today that will have the biggest impact on my children, my goals and life?  The time we spend with our children, the guidance on a day to day basis that we give to them is one thing that will have a very large impact on them, on the world and your own happiness.  Seeing your work in that light may just change the way you manage your time.

Whats on your schedule today?  Are they worthy of your life?

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