Be Safe: How to spot a bad situation

We have in the past week seen a most horrific crime take place in Tucson Arizona.  The shooting of so many individuals, resulting in the death of 6 and the physical and emotional injury to not just the individuals at the public event, but an entire nation.  This event reminds us that we must be aware of our surroundings at all times and be aware of the actions of individuals that may be a warning sign of danger.

This is not to say that any of the suggestions here would have helped on that day in Tucson, but these reminders may help us avoid a situation that may occur at a sporting event, or at the mall –  but only if we are sensitive to the possibilities.

How to spot a possible bad situation:

  • Is there a person who seems to be agitated or preoccupied
  • How are they speaking? Listen for the words they may be saying or how they are saying it.
  • Is there a change in their voice?  Did it get louder or very quiet?
  • Are there signs of stress in their voice or facial expression?  Does the individual looked like they are in a daze or without any expression?
  • Are their eyes becoming more narrow or darting about?
  • Are there aggressive gestures that go along with angry outburst?
  • Is there a behavior that is not appropriate for the situation, anything that seems strange to you?

We do not want to become paranoid about every person we see or a recluse out of fear.  But if we do see situations that fit the questions we have asked, it may be a good idea to remove ourselves from that situation or vicinity.  Doing so may save our life and that of our loved ones.

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