Give first, no matter what

Today and this season is a time that more than ever people give to family, friends and to charity. Everyone is moved by the generosity not only to themselves but the stories we hear about caring for others.

There is a mentality though that leads people to that happiness throughout the year. It is a mentality of abundance. This attitude that there is more than enough for us to share with others, that the more we share the more we will have, that whatever it is that we give we receive in return in abundance. When we give with generosity with this abundance mentality, what we give away will multiply.

What we give may be in physical gifts, especially for those in need of the basics, but they may also be in an attitude of gratitude. The simple smile, verbal or written thank you note, an act of kindness are all gifts that we can make and teach our children about.

There is more than enough for all of us. Stephen Covey wrote about recognizing that we should think about making the pie bigger by giving more, rather than being worried about us getting a bigger piece of the pie.

Do you believe like I do that if we are generous with our resources, that we will not run out of resources? Practice giving – no matter what your circumstances may be.

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