The Christmas Jar Project

Christmas Jar created by Ryan R.All of our students have been over the past year dropping coins in our “Christmas Jar” and now is the time to complete the job and deliver it to a deserving family.  First I want to tell you that the jar was designed by one of our 6 year old students and his mom, Ryan R.   I was so impressed with the design and how he stepped right up and made the jar with out a lot of prompting from myself.

Today I called a friend of mine Cathy Holstrom at Food Link and asked her if she knew of any families that have fallen on to difficult times that may find this inspiring or give the a boost of morale.  Of course she had many stories to tell, but the one I have chosen is of a single dad with a 15 year old son.  After working for the same company for over 20 years he was laid off about a year ago and while looking for work in every conceivable place, has not been able to find even the smallest of jobs.   Like many men he would prefer to work and pay his own way and is not inclined to ask for help, but Food Link was able to help him at Thanksgiving and he will receive another meal at Christmas from them.  He has been doing some odd jobs and his neighbors have been assisting as much as possible.

I really feel that this is the family that we can surprise with this “Christmas Jar” and have the greatest impact.  Having a teenage son, being otherwise alone, and not having the personality that allows one to reach out and ask for help, I can imagine could get to feeling very over whelming and he may not be able to see the end of the tunnel.  I would like him to know that there are people who care and that we are here to support him and others like him in tough situations.

So the week of Christmas I am making arrangements to anonymously deliver the jar of change to his front door in Severna Park.  We will not get to meet him, we will not let him know who we are, but we will leave him a note of support and the “Jar” that has been created by Ryan and filled by Balanced Life Skills students and families.   If you want to add your change to the jar in the next week or so please feel free to do so and look for a new jar after the first of the year.    I think one of our students is going to give us an antique jar they found.  Lets keep in mind all of our neighbors who may be struggling at this time.  Part of our training is the protection and help of others who may not be in a position at this time to help themselves.

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