Leadership: goal setting & initiative

Being a leader means we take the initiative to achieve a goal that may be good for us as an individual or may be for the common good for a group of people, places or things.  We may have a personal goal to learn a new skill or to work on our physical, mental, spiritual or social self.  As we set out to reach our goal we recognize that we may not be able to reach that goal without the help of others.  It may be that we need someone to coach us in one way or another.  Reaching out for that help – accepting that help is a sign of personal leadership.

Many times though our goals are going to include others, as we work to reach a goal for the common good of others.  At those time we realize that it is not just about us, it has to be about the group.  So how do we get everyone on board with the groups goal.  Part of it is to be sure everyone has input on the overall picture and then buys into the vision that we have for the outcome.

But then we must take the initiative and go after the goal.  Being willing to step up and moving on items, delegating as needed, being sure that everyone understands their role in the groups activity, and the importance of each  of the steps.  I think about the need to praise and to keep the vision clear in the eyes of each member. 

Stephen Covey put it this way to his son in regard to their lawn.  The goal or vision was that the lawn was, “clean and green”.  How he got to that point was up for him to decide, with help if he needed it.  So it is with us in our groups have a clear goal – then allow team members the opportunity to use their initiative too.

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