Manners: saying please & thank you

This month we will be talking about manners.  Now while that seems like a subject that every parent deals with, trying to raise children who are considerate and respectful of others, well even the children understand that we do not see manners being displayed as much as they should be.  Did you notice that I did not say “as they used to be”, though that could be said too, but we are dealing with the NOW, not the THEN.

Fred Astaire is quoted as saying, “The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any.”  As leaders, parents, teachers manners are important.  We often show others how we should act toward each other.

The first thing we teach our youngsters in regard to manners universally is, “don’t forget to say please and thank you.”  When we use these words it is just like tacking on the words “with respect” to every sentence.  How much nicer it sounds and more willing we are to comply when we are asked to do something with a “please” attached as opposed to demanding it to be done. 

In fact the way we say something makes a difference in the way it is heard and the response you will get, no matter the age of the receiver.  If we demand – “Give me a piece of candy” –  versus  – “May I please have a piece of candy?” makes the giver feel less respected and valued.  It is in fact a demeaning manner of speaking.  When we use manners though it shows kindness in everything we say and do!

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