Discipline: Definition

October word of the month at Balanced Life Skills is Discipline.  Discipline can be about following the rules of others and society, and at the same time being able to think for ourselves and follow the rules we set for ourselves.   This month we will explore this even more, to find ways and reasons that we can show good discipline and use self-discipinet to make good decisions.   Our students will learn the role that discipline plays in creating a succesful life.


Young students:

Discipline means: I can control my body and mind to do what’s right, safe and kind!

Older students:

Discipline means making yourself do what’s righ, fair and necessary even when you don’t feel like it.

There will be more discussions on this site of this word to help everyone discuss it with their own children and to look at it more deeply with themselves in the coming month. Check back with us or you may join our community for even more information.


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