Rain Barrel Event is coming up!

This years Where Does the Rain Go? event is off to a fast start.  We are inviting more schools and artists to be involved.  To lessen the load on some of our parents who have the past two years spent an extraordinary amount of time on the preparation, we are requesting that some of our students and their parents take part in the preparations.
I am looking for parents / students from each age level to take one rain barrel and do the prep work.  You can see the preparation steps on the Rain Barrel web site.  This year we will be doing the actual painting and decorating on April 4 at 10 AM at our Balanced Life Skills studio.
This year, we are working on getting the barrels in the public eye by asking local businesses to display the finished product with information about the auction during earth week.  We are also hoping to display some of them at Quiet Waters during their Earth Day festivities.  Then the actual auction will take place on May 15th at 6:00 PM at Arlington Echo Outdoor Education Center and all the proceeds will be split between the participating schools and Arlington Echo.
If you want to see the completed video it is on the website also and is available to schools for free on DVD, along with a complete package of worksheets, crossword puzzles, word searches and other resources for the teachers and schools.

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