BLS September Community Service

To all parents and students and the community surrounding Annapolis.

This year we started the Help a Teacher community service project.  The request you see below is the very first request that was made on the site and I am hoping that we can see what part we can play to help this school out.   Do you have any books that you may be ready to part with.  Please donate them to this cause.  I would also encourage our students to go to your neighbors and your parents offices to see if we can collect a significant number of books for Bates Middle School.

Feel free to send this post to all on your mail list that may be able to help this school fill their library.

Books–books of any kind, shape, size, or condition are requested by the Bates Middle Media Center. Bates has made reading a priority for its students. We would like for each teacher to have a classroom library and each student to have a home library. Since we have students that read both above and below grade level, any books are welcome. Current literature in excellent condition, a book series, or hardcover books may be placed in the media center. Other books will be given to students to include in their home libraries. Books that cannot fill our needs will be donated to other schools. Thank you for any help that you can provide!

Bring all of your books and collections to Balanced Life Skills 133 Gibralter Avenue Annapolis MD on September 20th or anyday during the month of September.  Be sure that you ask your friends and neighbors!

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