Preserving the ‘rules of respect’

This month as we have looked at the character of respect with our students, we must examine ourselves as adults and ask how we can encourage respect, even when disrespect an rudeness is found everyday.  Of course we have to be sure that we do not begin to believe that it is acceptable to act in that manner.  In fact we may ask ourselves,  how individuals we spend the most time with during the week speak to one another.  Do they show respect in their communication and how does it affect us?  How do we do as individuals on a scale of 1-10 of showing respect for others?  Do we create drama in our relationships and show disrespect for others?  As we think about this we have to wonder about the affect it has on us and the way we speak to others and how they speak to us.  Do adjustments need to be made?
Robert Ingersoll said, “Give to every human every right that you claim for yourself.” I would add our children are watching and our neighbors children.  They are learning how they will act toward others.  It is our responsibility to set the best example we can to ensure that the ‘rules of respect’ are preserved with our children.

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