An easy way to avoid bullying

This week we talked about using respect in the way we speak to others.  We all know that the words we use and the tone of voice we use speaks volumes in the way we are perceived.  If we use words that show good manners, we are perceived as being respectful.  If we complement others on a regular basis we are perceived as respectful.  I mentioned to many of the children that using those two ways of showing respect may at times be the difference in being bullied or being perceived as a good guy (gal) and not bullied.  Of course this has to be the way we do things all the time and not just when we are trying to escape a bad situation.  Especially in regard to giving complements.
I encourage all of us to be free with and willing to see the value in others, notice their talents, or efforts and then tell them.  It will make them feel good and us too.

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