The crisis of disrespect

Every relationship, interaction and communication should begin and end with respect.  Respect is about treating others as we would have them treat us in the same situation. It’s reflected in the way we speak and act, the way we treat our family, friends, environment and community, and the way we regard the rights, ideas and property of others.  It’s also the way we treat ourselves; since when we can see and celebrate our own strengths and values, it is easier to respect the value in others.
Respect is the cornerstone of moral behavior.  It tells us that everybody has the right to be treated with respect, courtesy, and consideration.  Yet in a survey done by the NY Times, 93% of responding adults believed that parents have failed to teach children honesty, respect, and responsibility. Most would agree that there is a crisis of disrespect in the world today, and while there is no one factor that is responsible for this, there are a few that have contributed greatly to situation.  What they are and what we can do about will be in later posts.

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