September Community Service

The BLS community service project for September will be a part of a project just launched by Balanced Life Skills. This project is called Help a Teacher. The Help a Teacher website is open for all schools, public and private and their teachers, to post the needs and wishes for individual teachers and their classroom.
Many teachers in our county reach into their own pocket and provide supplies for their classroom. I have personally never felt that this was fair or right for the teachers, who are very dedicated but are often times under paid. This initiative is an extension of my belief that many individuals contributing in small ways can accomplish bigger and greater deeds.

You may participate in a number of ways.

The request by BLS to support this month is the supply of used books for Bates Middle School. If you click here you will see the request made by this teacher. If you can help, please just bring your books either here to the school or you can deliver them to Bates directly.

Other ways you can participate are by:

  • Notifying all teachers about this website and service
  • Notifying all PTA’s to encourage teachers and parents to visit the site to see what they can do.
  • Hand out the Help a Teacher business cards to business’, employees, employers and anyone who may be able to help.

All of the donations by others should be delivered directly to the school and teacher if possible and not brought here to Balanced Life Skills. We are working at creating a community that is involved with each other and supporting the ultimate goal of giving our students the best education that we can.

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