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Black Belt Test 2013 is this Sunday May 5 at 3 PM

On Sunday May 5 at 3 PM you are invited to share in the celebration of our 3 black belt candidates who will complete their testing with a demonstration. In the last couple of months in addition to all of the physical preparations the three candidates completed the following: 1. Kyle Pinder engaged some of his classmates and created a program for a group of individuals who have MS. He showed them how they could use martial arts to get some positive movement in their routine. It was met with appreciation from all of the participants, as they not only

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Black Belt Test Essays From the Candidates

Each of the Black Belt candidates wrote an essay about their journey.  The winning Best Essay will be read at the closing ceremony on April 22, 2012 at Camp Letts.  In the mean time I thought it would be nice for all to see some of the excerpts from all of them.  We are looking forward to all come out for the testing and seeing both the physical and mental skills of these students.  Here is the Essay compilation.