What Bullies Look For In A Target and Who Is Most At Risk

Bully Prevention Partners gives some insight on who is most likely to become a target of a bully. While everyone can become a target, it is like a bully can smell out certain characteristics that say to them, “this person can be my victim’. Learn what they are here and in the coming days we… Read More

What Targets of Bullies Need to Know

All of us must be sure that when we are working with a student who is the target of a bully that they know everything that is listed in this collage of words.  Not sure what it says?  Join us at Bully Prevention Partners for the complete list and more information on what parents, teachers… Read More

Examining the Effects on The Bully

Besides hurting others, bullies damage themselves, short term and long term each time they hurt others. The effects last long into adulthood and include some shocking findings. This is Day 9 in our series examining the effect of bullying behavior on the bully.… Read More

Stress: Using Avoidance to Cope

One level higher than distraction for coping with stress is AVOIDANCE.   As one 14 year old said, “when I don’t want to do something, I go online.”  That is probably true for a number of adults too.  We can get lost in the online world and even have an excuse saying we are doing research… Read More

Life Skills: Integrity – Standing Up For What Is Right

Integrity calls for doing what is right even when it is very hard or when there may be results that do not favor yourself.  The link below is about a girl that spoke up when it was difficult, because it was the right thing to do, and the results helped her classmate, but led to… Read More