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What Bullies Look For In A Target and Who Is Most At Risk

Bully Prevention Partners gives some insight on who is most likely to become a target of a bully. While everyone can become a target, it is like a bully can smell out certain characteristics that say to them, “this person can be my victim’. Learn what they are here and in the coming days we will discuss more about the target / victim of bullying behavior.

What Targets of Bullies Need to Know

All of us must be sure that when we are working with a student who is the target of a bully that they know everything that is listed in this collage of words.  Not sure what it says?  Join us at Bully Prevention Partners for the complete list and more information on what parents, teachers and students can do to create the culture of peace in the classroom.  

Teaching Self Defense – The Balanced Life Skills Way

Hi I am Joe Van Deuren, otherwise known as “Mr. Joe” at Balanced Life Skills.  I started this school in 2003 and have continued to develop curriculum and thoughts about our mission.  I did not want to be like every other martial arts school – that simply wanted to produce black belts, I wanted to help individual grow and become “black belts in life”.  The mission of the school is to cultivate compassion, awareness and respect in our students and families. The reason: I believe this would create a culture of peace in ourselves, our family and community. But you

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Life Skills: When Perseverance Does Not Appear To Be In Your Child’s DNA

As I started this piece I was thinking of all those times my father and mother both told me I was not living up to my potential.  I thought about how many times even teachers told me that I was wasting good talent.  But I do not remember any of them coming up with a solution – other than just saying to me – You Have To Apply Yourself!  Do you know how empty those words are to a middle school or high school student?  What do you mean “apply yourself”?  Then I would go off about how it was

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