Valuing each member of your family

I personally believe your most important team you will ever be on is your family.  I talk about this with our students from day one of their training in the martial arts.  As in the world of sports or business, the teammate that values others and does things that makes others on the team better is extremely valuable to team.  So how does this apply to the family?

1.  Great leaders / parents  believe in their teammates.  That means each spouse trusts and believes in the other and that both of them set expectations for their children, not based on what they have seen in the past, or on what others might think, but rather on the values, ethics and morals of their own family.   Children will only perform to the expectation of the ones that they respect.

2.  Great leaders / parents  are willing to listen to and support what their spouse and children are interested in.  This support demonstrates to others that their interest are valuable, and when someone see their value to others they are more willing to stay connected to them.   The ability and willingness to listen even to our children, sets a great example for them.

3.  Great leaders / parents, once they find the uniqueness and gifts of their spouses and children, are then willing to look for ways to help them increase those abilities.  This is a way of adding value to your teammate and in the long run will improve not only their abilities, but also their attitude.

4.  Great leaders / parents work to improve themselves, as this benefits everyone on the team and it helps you help others even more.  If you want your family members, business partners, teammate of any kind to improve, making yourself better is one of the first steps.  On so many levels others will see you and your actions as a way of stepping up themselves as you set the example.

So how does your family view you?  Do each of them see you as one that values them and their interests?  Do they see you as a supporter and helper?  Do you know what each member of your family interests really are and can you find a way to help them improve in that interest?  Doing so will empower others to be successful and you to be seen as a great leader.