BLS work influences others in the United States

I want to share with our community the influence our school has had on others in the nation.  This past spring I had a conversation with another martial arts instructor who has the same values and beliefs that we have here at Balanced Life Skills.  He wanted to know how to do the Rain Barrel project.  We talked at some length and gave him our rain barrel website.  The following video will show you the results when one of his students took the lead in a major way. 


So here is our challenge.  Who in our school will step up with their own project?  Who will take the lead in contributing to solving a problem in our community or the world?

Making choices responsibly

Winston Churchill once said;  “The price of greatness is responsibility.”  But have you ever known someone who wants the power and glory and wants to be in charge, but as soon as something goes wrong does not want to take responsibility for anything?  We saw this on a large scale in the past few months with the economic crisis here in the United States.

The same thing happens in our individual homes and families too.  One thing that will always be true is that the choices we make today will affect us not just today but many times for years to come.  That is why I continue to emphasis to our students not to think about not doing something because they might get in trouble – but rather because the choices we make have a long term affect on us and we want to do what is  right because it is right.

The way we deal with choices and responsibility affects our ability to be a leader in our family or in government.  When we blame others, we give up our power to affect change.  Dealing with choice and consequences responsibly impacts our ability to be a leader.