Fire Prevention Week

firePrevention2013This week coming up is National Fire Prevention Week with the theme this year of Prevent Kitchen Fires”. This time of the year is when we see the most home fires taking place for a number of reasons. New students in college dorms making careless mistakes. More cooking taking place indoors. Fireplace use goes up in the fall with increased risk.

Here are a couple of the suggestions made about preventing kitchen fires.

  • Do not walk away from anything that is cooking on the stove or the oven
  • Keep pot holders and towels away from the stove and oven while cooking
  • Do not hang flammable fabrics from the handle of the oven
  • Be sure to keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen.

Have a safety plan and escape plan and practice it at least twice each year. Timing the drills at the same time you change the batteries in your smoke detectors would be a good reminder for all in the family about fire prevention safety. If you want to learn more about fire safety – visit your local fire department. It is a fun trip for the kids!

4th of July Safety

The Fourth of July is rolling around again. This is a great time to celebrate with friends, have a cookout, and be patriotic in general. But before the festivities begin, it is important to know how to make sure they are safe.  This post includes information on fireworks, barbecues, boating, pool parties, and the sun. It’s only fun until someone gets hurt, so lets try to make sure the fun lasts all through the day injury-free.


The first area of safety concern is the obvious: fireworks. Fireworks are beautiful, fun, and patriotic displays, so we should learn how to incorporate them into our celebrations safely. Here are some things you should not do : Continue reading “4th of July Safety”

Child Safety: How to Stop a Nose Bleed

Teaching our children that they can help themselves and others in an emergency situation builds their knowledge and confidence. Stopping a nose bleed or other bleeding is one area of safety that every child should learn about.

Safety Tips for Kids: Broken Glass

If we make a mistake and drop a plate or glass and there is broken glass on the floor our children need to KNOW that walking on or touching broken glass is not safe and will cause serious injury.  Even the sound of broken glass, children should be taught the following.

TEACH:  Stop, Freeze, Look to see where the broken glass is and call for help.  Do not move until help arrives!