Life Skills: Answer the Question Why to Teach Children To Persevere

Teaching character and life skills to students

The R in SPARK stands for REASON.  If we are going to persevere to reach a goal knowing why we want to do something gives us a great deal of push to accomplish that goal.  Part of goal setting should always include the answer to WHY.  Any goal worth reaching must move us in a way that we feel that it wouldn’t just be a nice thing to have happen – but rather – we must.

For an example if someone wanted to lose weight.  Answer the question WHY first.  What will losing this 15 pounds do for me, save me from, or affect my life?  How will my children be affected?  How will I feel?  What will I be able to do that is hard for me now?  Why is this important?

Getting the reason firmly planted in our mind and heart will keep us going when the hard days come and it is difficult to stay on our path to our goal.  Asking ourselves the right questions will move us to continue taking action.

In the next month I will be writing about the questions we need to ask ourselves to be sure we stay on the path to reach our goals.