Student’s demonstrate doing good for others

Talking to our students and children about subjects that may seem difficult for them to understand is an important concept in starting early.  I have found that the subjects that I was not sure was really getting through to the students would come back later, with them speaking of them with authority. 

A couple of months ago we talked about ‘CHARITY’.  Days, weeks and now months later our students are still finding ways to demonstrate that they understand the concept of charity.  Here is a student and his younger brother who have taken charity seriously and brought in their shoes that they have outgrown for Souls 4 Soles. 

Souls 4 Soles is an organization that collects shoes for those millions of individuals around the world that do not have them.  Some of the shoes are slightly used, some are brand new and supplied by manufacturers from around the world.  Balanced Life Skills started our relationship with them through the efforts of Brian Williams and the Think Kindness organization. 

Along with Balanced Life Skills, several high schools from the area have supplied over $10,000.00 to help pay for the delivery of shoes around the world along with over 10,000 pairs of shoes.  Teaching our children young to be concerned about their neighbors in the world, and to grow in their desire to give to those in need.


Disaster in Haiti

The reports are still coming in on the earthquake and all of the damage done on this small and very poor country.  Obviously we are concerned about the lives and welfare of the people there.  From a personal note as much as I want to help in any way that we can, I am not inclined to give to large organizations with big overhead – without knowing exactly how what we do can help.  So while still here in the Caribbean on vacation I have started to investigate how we may be able to assist.

Here are a couple of ideas and please this is also a call to others to contribute ideas too.

  1. Soles4Souls Text message a contribution: Text “AOK” to 20222 ($5 per text will provide 2 pairs of shoes)  or contribute to the Balanced Life Skills site.  This method will help in our local community as well as Haiti
  2. I do know a priest in Haiti (Father Alexis) who runs a number of schools that along with a local Rotary we are trying to reach to see how to make some direct assistance.
  3. There is an organization called Shelterbox who may be a good choice also
  4. I have been contacted by another friend who has a connection to an orphanage that I am also trying to make contact with.

Do you have anyone or any groups that have people on the ground there that we can assist directly?   Leave a message here, email us or for students go to our student site and check out volunteer opportunities and lets talk about what we can do.