Attitude: Definition

Each month we define and discuss a word of character development with all of our students. 

This month the word is Attitude.  It will be defined this way.



Young students: Attitude means “How I feel, how I think and how I act.”

Older students: Attitude means:  How you feel, think and act in the face of everyday events and obstacles.

If you would like to see how we will deal with this subject with our students please follow our discussions here during the month of July.

Keeping your commitment

When times get tough or things get hard on some front, it is very easy for us to release ourselves from a commitment. When we are good at something, or when it is fun or when we just love doing it and we get rewarded in some manner that meets our needs then it is easy to keep our commitment. In fact we will fight for the ability to keep our promises to ourselves and others.

But when things get hard or doesn’t come as easy as it use to, or we are feeling a bit bored by the activity, or a friend is no longer a part of the activity, then these are obstacles that we need to fight our way through. If we were to give up for one of those reasons we will not reach the goals we originally set out to accomplish.

What would you do if you made a commitment and now were having trouble with it? First we need to be sure that we are talking to ourselves the way we would a friend. We would want to encourage ourselves and give a little pep talk. We would never hang out with someone who constantly told us that we could not do something. So I would suggest that we should not talk to ourselves that way either. Second get some extra help, which means we may have to decide what we need and then be willing to ask for it.

Ultimately we are responsible for our choices. Napoleon Hill said, “Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.” Connecting success with commitment is paramount to staying the course. Ask yourself if there are other distractions or poor influences that you must choose to deal with so that you can keep your commitment.

Read about Mr. Joe’s commitment to the Ultimate Black Belt Test that started in January 2009 and will be completed with the final test in February 2010. He recently committed to the “Live Like a Champion” journey that begins in January 2010. His journal is My Journey.

Balanced Life Skills on your team

When we exchange ideas with each other – this is one of the most valuable exchanges we can have with another human. Some of us fit into a category called “idea man”. At least that is what I have personally been called. But the fact is we all have ideas, and when we share them we are forming a team that can really do great things.
So what is your vision? If there were no other obstacles what would you like to accomplish or see get done? For those of you who know me you know that I have a vision for our school. I would love to see our students be known not just for the physical skills and there consistent discipline to attain those skills, but also for their contribution to their teams and our community.
How do we try to reach that goal? Slowly we have built a team, a group of students, parents and others who have the same mind. Balanced Life Skills is not just another after school activity to spend some energy on and get some exercise . The goal is to become better individuals, both as parents and children.
Again we ask what is your vision for your family? How will you reach your goal? “If you commit your self to excellence and surround yourself with things that represent excellence, your life will change.” Balanced Life Skills is here to be part of your team. I am here to contribute to your team in any way you would like for us to. All of the tools that we provide in the dojo and outside are designed to help each of us to reach our goals. Be sure that you are invited to talk to me at any time about how we might serve your team better.