Appreciating Mom’s in the world

Mothers Day at Balanced Life Skills is coming soon!  Watch this video to the very end, and then just imagine actually applying for this job.  Because of our appreciation for the moms in the world Рwatch for something special coming soon!


Teamwork discussion

super-momTeamwork is our word of the month. There are times when we must work alone, but most of us enjoy having the help and company of a team to accomplish tasks. Teams make the tasks easier and more fun as general rule, unless of course someone on the team has an attitude of being better than the others or does not play full out.
A team is never about just one person – it is about the team and the power that comes from the concerted effort of a group of individuals. While teamwork can be used in different parts of our life, home, school, work and recreation, I believe our most important team is our family.
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