Focus discussion: changing our results

The concept that we are focusing on this month is “Focus”.  Interesting is the fact that many of us focus on the things that we fear or the things that we do not want to happen.  I will give you an example that is very easy to relate to.  Have you ever driven down the road and had something on the side of the road grab your attention.  As you looked at it you were so intrigued that when you did look up you found that the car had moved toward that side of the road.   In fact many professional driving instructors will tell you that if you lose control of your car on the road – DO NOT look at the tree you want to avoid – you will surely hit it if you do.

Now there is an interesting place to begin.  If you focus on the things that you do want and the goals we want to reach it is just that much easier to reach them.  I know that is very hard to do.  One reason it is so hard is because of the amount of information we are bombarded with on a daily basis.  I recently read that we receive over 3000 marketing messages a day that we need to process. Did you know that is as many as our grandparents received in a whole year.  No wonder it is hard to do.  So how will we do this and just as important how will we teach our children to focus.  

Over the next month we will work on that here at Balanced Life Skills.  If you want to learn about this you will want to follow this blog.  In addition FOCUS is one of the concepts that we work on in our school every class.  Reinforce what you see us do in class at home and you will see improvement in your child’s focus.

Honesty about wants and needs

Have you heard of someone being tricked into believing something or someone that wasn’t true? Well of course we have and probably can recount stories of our own. One of the biggest threats that we and our children have today is the the marketing that takes place in the media.
There are many ways that we are enticed to buy products or services including big claims, use of vidid colors, saying “this is the best”, and bringing peer pressure on us and our children. Much of the marketing that takes place today is aimed at our children. As parents we need to be able to help our young ones understand what is happening and to be able to think for themselves to see if this is the best thing for them or just someone trying to sell them something.
How can we teach our children and maybe ourselves the difference between our needs and our wants? Sometimes I look at what I personally have and think of the many individuals and families in the world that do not have the quantity of food or housing that we feel is required for us. In fact I believe that in our quest to be kinder to the earth and world, one way would be to reduce the amount we consume. Not just recycle or reuse, but first reduce.