Going beyond the requirements

This month, we started talking about being responsible with our work and our requirements at home or in other areas of our lives. Whether at work or in school, we all have jobs and requirements we must fulfill.  It’s our responsibility to fulfill them.
However, it’s common for people to simply do the bare minimum.  Many will do what is absolutely necessary but refuse to go beyond.  They simply don’t see “going above and beyond” as their job even if it’s clear that something must be done.
Someone once said,  “I must do something” always solves more problems than “Something must be done.”  How can an attitude of “I must do something” change how someone is perceived by others at school or at work?  How can such an attitude change the outcomes at school or at work?

June Belt Testing

This was one of the best belt test. Everyone did a great job. I have posted all of the photos I have at this time and they are available for you to see by clicking on the link below. If anyone has any other photos that you took and would like to share them with us please do so. These are great memories for us all. I think about Jackson C. who just moved to Maine. His mom brought us some photos in, including the one of him getting his white belt over 3 years ago, and it just made all of us think about all the progress he had made. Think what it will be like as our students grow and one day when they earn their black belt and we have photos of them when they were 6 years old – doing there best!!
Click on photo to see the whole album of photos.

SPCA Day- January 27 2007

Balanced Life Skills and the SPCA - January 2007

A big thank you for everyone who came out and supported our SPCA day here at Balanced Life Skills! We raised so much food and other animal supplies and had a great time. After the event, Anne told us that you guys were the most behaved group of students she has had. Great job, no push ups!