Using time and talent is good citizenship

The most valuable thing that we have to share with our communities are our time and our talent. The theological author, Richard Whatley once said, “A man is called selfish not for pursuing his own good, but for neglecting his neighbors.” All of us have some talent, whether we are young children or adults. The question we can ask ourselves is, how can I use my time or talents to help others in my immediate community, or in the larger more distant communities.

They may be simple ways of using our talents like reading or performing a play or playing an instrument. It may be helping to build a house or some other renovation. It could be walking a dog or simply picking up trash in a park. None of these require any more than our time and our talent.

If we can help our children see that time and talent is just as valuable or more, we will be guiding them to to become great citizens of their community and of the world.

Citizenship begins with awareness

There are so many ways that we can teach and partake in good citizenship. It is so important for our children to see and know that we believe that it is our responsibility to care for others as well as ourselves. Doing simple things though that do not require money – only our effort and awareness can be some of the strongest lessons.

When we are taking a walk in our neighborhood or at the park, we can be aware of trash that is on the ground and pick it up and throw it away. If we were to see an area at the playground that needed maintenance or a coat of paint, we may be able to find some friends to get together and make the repairs. If we need permission then we get that permission – and this is a good lesson to our kids in being leaders.

Awareness of our surrounding and of the feelings of others is the first step in being a good citizen and sharing with our children what citizenship is all about.

Citizenship: Definition


 There are so many ways to demonstrate good citizenship.  We are all a part of many communities starting with our family, schools, community and the world.  Guiding ourselves and our children to be inspired to help others and make the world a better place is a worthy goal.




Young students:

Citizenship means: I take care of where I live, work and play!

Older students:

Citizenship means being a caring, helpful and responsible member of one’s community.

There will be more discussions on this site of this word to help everyone discuss it with their own children and to look at it more deeply with themselves in the coming month. Check back with us or you may join our community for even more information.