Community Service: Susie C. environmental clean up

Susie C. is a leader

When I walk along the big road near my house, I notice a lot of trash. People throw their trash on the ground and it’s wrong. I wanted to do something to help.

Please Do Not Litter.

I made signs reminding people not to litter. The signs show pictures of animals so people will know that littering hurts animals. We put the signs up on the fence along the road where people litter the most.

Great Job little brother!

I got my little brother Teddy to help me, and we loaded up our wagon with trash. We picked up the litter on the road and filled a big trash bag with all the litter. It was really gross but now the side of the road looks much better.

Clean up project by Cameron W.

completed job!

I picked up trash at the beach with two trash bags.  I started at the entrance in the woods, then I went to the playground, then to the rocks and thats when I found a pile that someone must have left there when they were heading to the beach.  Then I went to the beach and I found sytrafoam, milk bottles tops, plastic bottles, beer bottles, and all sorts of stuff.  I ended up with two bags full.

cleaning up
cleaning up!