Dupont Circle Farmers Market

This past weekend Karen & I made a trip to the Dupont Circle farmers market. This is one of those things that you wouldn’t do every weekend, but every once in a while is a real treat. First of all the vegetables are amazing, fresh milk, cheeses, flowers, bread. everything you could ever want to eat and things you never knew about.
I have learned about chard and beet greens. This week I got just picked onions and garlic bulbs. I saw the most purple eggplant I have ever seen and beautiful golden beets.

When we were done there is a wonderful independent bookstore/cafe just down the street called Kramers. We went there for brunch and of course some book browsing. My son Sean went with us and he likes the bookstore so much he skipped the brunch. Go figure. If you ever have the opportunity to take a Sunday morning you can do the trip down and be back by noon or 1 PM and have a wonderful time. This is a great trip with the kids too. they get to see great farm products, meet farmers and enjoy the kids section (small) at the book store.
Why am I talking about the farmers markets so much. I really believe that this is a way for us to eat better and to introduce our children to farmers as well as lessen our footprint on the planet. More to come from markets in our own neighborhoods.

Farmer’s Markets

This past month, my wife and I have been visiting and doing our major grocery shopping at markets around the area. This past week with the new market in downtown Annapolis, I thought it would be a good idea to show some photos of this market and encourage everyone to come out and support our local farmers. Over the next few weeks I will highlight some of the markets and its vendors.
When we buy locally produced food there are many advantages, including the amount of fuel that is spent getting food to our markets. I have been very impressed with the quality of the food and of course the freshness of everything. Karen & I go down to the market in DC at Dupont Circle where we can even get milk and some other pretty amazing things. I will share that market with you later.
But the Annapolis Market, though small right now, has some of the same producers that the big market has. This week besides the tomaotes, asparagus, and other vegetables and greens we were able to get, we have enjoyed a great quiche, and empanadas. Here are some photos from Annapolis. By the way I am working on a school trip to a local farm. My understanding is that we will get to meet the farmers and then we will have a meal prepared for us to enjoy from all the fresh ingredients from the farm. How cool is that?

Here is a link to the group that runs the market in Annapolis. Fresh Farm Market