New website for Balanced Life Skills

This is the start of a new website and way for all who are interested in making a difference in the world by starting with themselves to share what they are doing. When you sign up to be a part of Balanced Life Skills, you will be able to create your own page and keep track of all of your projects and training.

If you are a student – be sure to join the group where your curriculum is located. If you are looking for the Word of the Month worksheets – go under categories and you will see Word of the Month Definitions. On that first post for the new word will be the worksheets for each group.

I hope you enjoy this new site and if you see any way for us to improve it, send me a message on the site and we will consider if we can accomplish it on the site.

The first to complete the entire 5/6 program

5/6 Lil' Dragon students complete program
Balanced Life Skills is so pleased to announce the first two students to complete the entire 5/6 curriculum and receive their 5/6 Lil Dragon Black Belt.  These two students were just awesome at their test and when we gave them the boards to break normally reserved for older students they had no problem at all making the break.  They are focused, determined and very strong.