Evan W. Takes Part in Jump Rope For Heart

All of our 5/6 Lil’ Dragons learn to jump rope as a part of our coordination drills.  This is a great story as told by Evan’s mom about jumping rope and service to our community.

Evan participated in Jump Rope for Heart this year at school.  Last year he went and was very frustrated that he could not jump rope well.  This year, he was incredibly excited about the event, ready to show off his advanced jump roping skills (thanks you balanced life!).  It was a wonderful experience for him and increased his self esteem.  Because he was so excited for the event, he wanted to participate in the fundraising aspect of it, raising money for the American Heart Association.  (Btw, I told him that I did not want to request donations from anyone at BLS because it was the same time as his cereal box drive and I explained how important it was to not ask for too much.)  We went online and talked to friends and family about what he was doing.  Evan raised $445, more than anyone else at his school.  His sister even contributed $5 of her money to support the fundraising efforts!  Overall, it was an incredible opportunity for him to shine in many aspects.  I believe that most of what he gained from this experience grew as an extension of what you teach at BLS and I wanted to thank you for that.
Evan W. jumps rope Here’s a video of some of the more complicated jump roping he was doing that day.

Evan W. Birthday Party and Evan W. Community Service

Two Evan’s both with a last name that starts with a W. and both of them 6 years old.  Oh yes and they take class together here at Balanced Life Skills.  One of them put together this service project of collecting cereal for children who do not have homes.  The box he decorated and supplied  was getting filled up and then on Saturday it got really filled.

The other Evan W.  had a birthday party and he asked his friends to bring a box of cereal to the party in lieu of gifts.  Now look at the results.  The box is flowing over and so many children will benefit.  Those children who brought in the cereal benefit too.  When they take the time think about what it would feel like not having a home or something to eat for breakfast, it makes them more aware and grateful for what they do have.

Thank  you to both Evan’s for a job well done.  A great project and a great collaboration of efforts.


Life Skills: Finding Ways To Make Teamwork A Part of Everyday In Our Life

Teaching character and life skills to students

When we work together our team is strong, we accomplish much more, and the team is successful.  Our most important team we are on is our family.  How can we practice teamwork at home?  Working together to clean up, do the dishes, work in the yard.  Almost every activity around the house can include the whole family.  Think about how each member of the family will feel when everyone chips in to help.   It certainly is not up to just one person in the family to be responsible for all the cleaning.

Children can also be included as they get older in planning outings for the family.  This feeling of belonging and being a part of a team will help them withstand peer pressure in school and in life, as well as be willing to include others in their activities.

When teamwork is learned at home, children will be more willing to assist teachers and other students in school.  It may be helping to clean the classroom, or helping other students learn the lesson of the day.  In fact as children develop teamwork they are also developing empathy.  They will be more willing to stand up to anyone who may bully another student or to welcome a new student into the school.  Sometimes new students can have a hard time feeling like they fit in and those who practice teamwork can be of great assistance.

Finally in the community, teamwork is so important to accomplish goals that none of us could do on our own.  It is this type of teamwork that Balanced Life Skills is hoping to find in our Bully Prevention Partners website.  It will only be all of us working together that we can accomplish the our goal of a culture of peace in the classroom for all students.

Do not forget Japan: A visiting martial artist reports

There is so much happening in the world at this time, including right here in the United States. I thought I would share with you a report done right on the ground in Japan, where there is still much work to be done to help the families there. What can we do to be of assistance?