Making the Break

Here is a great photo of a student who is testing for his yellow belt making a great board break.  This part of the test is not about just the physical ability and technique – but more about breaking through the fear one person may have in anything that they may have ahead of them.  The next time Noah has a task he is not sure he can do, he knows that if he works hard, practices correctly he will be able to accomplish anything he puts his mind too.  Great Job Noah.

Jack D. breaks board & joins his brothers

All three brothers started taking classes when they were 3 years old.  Now here is Jack breaking his board for the highest belt you can achieve in the Tiger Tot program.  On June the 10 he will join his two brothers at the highest level for the age group they are in.  Connor is a Camo belt in the 7/8 class, Gavin will reach black belt for the 5/6 group on June 10th, and Jack who has reached his goal.  All 3 of these students will be starting their new age group this summer.  We are so proud to have them as students here at Balanced Life Skills.

Jack D. breaks his board in the Tiger Tot class!