Suicide Prevention Training

Suicide prevention

QPR training is a training program that in 3 simple steps helps everyone learn to help save a life from suicide.  It has been used in Anne Arundel County to train teachers in the public schools and some private schools as well as other youth-serving organizations.  QPR is available for groups or individuals and is taught by certified facilitators.

Who Uses the Program?   QPR is a simple educational program that teaches ordinary citizens how to recognize a mental health emergency and how to get a person at risk the help they need. It is used to train teachers, doctors, nurses, firefighters, police and other professionals who deal with the public.  We have learned it is just as important for parents, friends, neighbors, even teens – to learn to recognize and refer someone at risk of suicide.  You may be the first line of defense.

What Outcomes Can Be Expected From QPR Training?

1.  You will be able to recognize the early suicide warning signs.
2.  You will know what and how to ask about suicidal ideation.
3.  You will be able to offer hope and refer to local resources to get professional help.

How Long Does QPR Training Take to Complete?   QPR Training typically takes about 90 minutes.  Think about it — in just 90 minutes, you’ll have the information you need to better protect every student, family member and friend you know.  The same way CPR saves thousands of lives of individuals until professional help can arrive, so too ordinary citizens can save lives with QPR and early intervention.

How is the training delivered?     Arrangements are made for a certified facilitator to provide training at your location for a group.  You may contact  Mr. Van Deuren or Youth Suicide Awareness Team.

We offer FREE QPR Training to our community.

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