One on One Coaching

one on one coaching

Parenting: One on One  If you are like most parents all you want for your children is that they grow up safe, healthy, successful and happy.  Sometimes all we want in this moment is to stop the fighting and have some peace and quiet.

Have you ever said that parenting is the hardest job you have ever had?  Have you realized that no two children are the same and require ‘different parenting’?   Is it difficult for both parents to come to an agreement on the right style of parenting?  Do you battle with fear and doubt about your own child rearing abilities/inadequacies?

If so…  Mr. Joe has a solution for you.

The Awakening the Gifts of Character are strategies that parents can use to guide, counsel and educate their children (no matter if they are 3 or 15 years old) in creating a culture of peace and meeting your goals of safe, healthy, successful and happy children & parents!    Parenting One on One combines years of experience with real answers to the overwhelming and sometimes frustrating responsibility of parenting, that fit every family.  In fact, what we help families with will help you in your workplace environment too!



Anger Management: One on One    Are you stressed out and find yourself getting angry?  There are many different ways our anger is triggered and our thoughts lead us to lose the peace we could have.  Mr. Van Deuren’s anger management and practical skills work are helpful for children and adults.  Learn how to recognize and manage your triggers; understand the angry behavior of others and their reactions, and find your life to be more peaceful.

  • Recognize the symptoms
  • Identify personal trigger’s
  • Regain peace
  • Conflict resolution skills

We may not be able to control the outside world, but we have the capacity to control ourselves.   Anger Management One on One is the beginning for creating peace in your world.


Bully Prevention: One on One   When your child is being bullied you may have asked many questions:

  • What should I do if my child is being bullied?
  • When should I get the school involved?
  • Is it really bullying?
  • Should I go to the parents of the aggressor?  What if I know them very well?

Answering these questions and helping parents and children find the solution that works for them is the results of Bully Prevention: One on One.  Coaching the child and the parents through these very emotional issues,  working with school teachers and administrators, that is Bully Prevention One on One.

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