What makes us angry and where do you feel it?

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Anger is a feeling we get when things are not going the way we wished or wanted it to go. It happens to everyone, both young and old. It may have been a goal that we had, or there may be a frustration about not getting a need met. As a parent, we have a goal that our children behave in a particular way. When that goal is not complied with by the child, we may get angry. If we are in a relationship and the other person does not meet our expectations in the way they respond to us we may feel anger welling up inside of us.

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Reading, Understanding & Responding with Empathy

word of month character

Awakening the gift of character, empathy, in our children and ourselves is a three step process. First, we must learn to read a person, their facial expressions, gestures and body language. We are looking to see if we see the signs of joy, sadness, frightened, surprise, disgust, frustration, disappointment. Once we identify a possible emotion, we move to step two. Now we will try to understand how they are feeling.

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Developing empathy in a social media world

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There has been much conversation and even studies regarding the effect of social media on our ability to show or feel empathy for those around us. So far many of the studies have seen that both cognitive and affective empathy is improved with social media use. (Clinical Child & Family Studies, Utrecht University, Postbus 80140, 3508 TC Utrecht, The Netherlands). After reading several research studies on this subject, with all of them agreeing to this result I had to ask myself if the results were clinical or the real world. In fact, some even reference a “virtual empathy.”

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Gifts of Character: Empathy – The Definition

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Each month we will discuss one life skill with all of our students. This month’s skill is Empathy. This life skill will be defined in the following ways for our students.

Young students: Empathy means: I can imagine how you feel!

Older students: Empathy means: Reading, understanding and responding to other people’s feelings.

We are not your typical after school activity, in fact, we are an education center, working with students on physical self-defense skills while empowering families to bring out the best in our children and ourselves – through the martial arts. We believe every child has 52 gifts in them already. They only need to be taught how to grow and use them in their life. Balanced Life Skills serves parents, teachers and students to reach that goal.

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