Our discussions this month on Citizenship will be on what it takes to be an active, caring and responsible member of our community.  Every individual has the opportunity to add to the strength of their community and the world.  Instead of just thinking of themselves, good citizens look for ways to be a helpful part… Read More

Each month we will discuss one gift of character with all of our students. This month the word is Citizenship.  This life skill will be defined in the following ways for our students. Young students: Citizenship means: I am a helpful member of my community! Older students: Citizenship means:  Being an active, caring and responsible… Read More

At the beginning of our classes, we invite students to practice discipline with “We are going to control our mind, body and mouth.”   Sometimes I ask them which one is the hardest? For each of us the answer to that question may be different.   Invariably the students will say “mouth”. While I personally would agree… Read More