What achievements have meant the most to you? The achievements that mean the most to us many times come after we have worked hard, overcome challenges, even failures to reach our goal. To have that kind of determination requires that we have a “growth mindset” as researched and written about by Carol Dweck of Stanford… Read More

Determination begins with having a purpose or a goal in mind that we feel connected to make sure it gets accomplished. Teaching our children to set specific goals and to work towards achieving them is a first step in helping them to get to know themselves.  What is it they want to achieve? With young… Read More

Determination begins with having a goal, purpose or mission. When we want something very much we can use determination to keep our eyes on the outcome we desire. Our outcome is what matters to us, so we use the ABC’s of determination.  We Act, Believe, and Commit.   We transform fears about not being able to… Read More

Each month we will discuss one gift of character with all of our students. This month the word is Determination. This life skill will be defined in the following ways for our students. Young students: Determination means: I’ve got a “no-quit-go-for-it” attitude! Older students: Determination means: The firm purpose and necessary drive to go after… Read More

Cooperation is vital for the peace of the family. Children need to learn about sharing for the good of others, even when they do not feel like doing so. Cooperation requires self-control and empathy. Teaching cooperation begins when a child is an infant simply smiling into their eyes and mirroring the movement of their eyes.… Read More

When we are working in a group with an objective or challenge to be accomplished, there will be numerous ideas and suggestions. To keep the team in a cooperative mindset each person needs to feel like they are valued and heard. This principle applies to a family too. If the one taking the lead in… Read More