Isn’t it great to see a group of young people that appreciate Honesty.   I am encouraging each person at Balanced Life Skills to ask themselves, “How did I show honesty today?”… Read More

For many  families, honesty is a non-negotiable virtue family members must live up to.  Along with trustworthiness, integrity, justice and truthfulness all are important in our relationships.  Yet, we also need to practice our tact, peacefulness, courtesy and tolerance.  Our job as parents is to help our children understand how to balance these virtues. It… Read More

“If you cheat in practice, you’ll cheat in the game. If you cheat in the game, you’ll cheat in life.”  This is a not so famous quote of Vince Lombardi, a very famous hall-of-fame football coach.  He was working with professional athletes and talking about cheating. Any kind of dishonesty that we are willing to… Read More

When talking to both students and parents about honesty, we focus much of the conversation on the words we speak, telling the truth.  However 85% of students reportedly engage in some kind of academic dishonesty before graduating high school.   Just like with the spoken truth, most parents do not believe their child would cheat, and… Read More

Each month we will discuss one gift of character with all of our students. This month the word is Honesty.  This life skill will be defined in the following ways for our students. Young students: Honesty means: I show and tell the truth! Older students: Honesty means:  Being straightforward and truthful in words and actions.… Read More