When we are working in a group with an objective or challenge to be accomplished, there will be numerous ideas and suggestions. To keep the team in a cooperative mindset each person needs to feel like they are valued and heard. This principle applies to a family too. If the one taking the lead in… Read More

As a parent one of the most important virtues we want to see in our children is cooperation.  We would like to have cooperation when we ask them to do a task, to get ready, playing with their siblings and when we need something done.  But cooperation is a leadership quality.   I doubt there… Read More

Cooperation is about working together to get things done. As is the case with all of our virtues our practice at home prepares us for school, job and community service. Cooperation requires practicing other virtues like respect, helpfulness, and trust.   In our family we show we are practicing cooperation by helping with the jobs… Read More

Each month we will discuss one gift of character with all of our students. This month the word is Cooperation. This life skill will be defined in the following ways for our students. Young students: Cooperation means: Let’s work together! Older students: Cooperation means: Working together towards a common goal We are not your typical… Read More

There is the question of how to develop patience.  Most parents wish they had more of it and certainly want their children to be patient. The development of all virtues begins with awareness. This week I asked students if they showed more patience what parents would think.  All of them agreed that they would believe… Read More

Who has shown you patience in your life?  I think about those that have been patient with me, and some of the first ones that come to mind are the teachers that I have had. All through school all of us have had teachers that connected with us and helped us beyond the typical school… Read More