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Grants 4 Teachers Advisory Board Meets to Make Grants Available

On Friday October 14,  the Grants 4 Teachers advisory board met and discussed the largest number of grant request ever made to this fund.  There were 54 grant requests for over $23,000 for all kinds of projects and materials needed by teachers to do an extraordinary job.

Each year G4T has two cycles of grant funding that takes place, filling needs for special field trips, supplying community service materials for classrooms, musical instruments and many other items that keep teachers from reaching their hands into their own pockets for that project.  It is estimated that every school teacher spends about $1000.00 every year of their own money for their classroom.

G4T wants the teachers of Anne Arundel County to know that we value them as one of the most important resources we have in the county.  We do this by providing some funds for those innovative, creative projects that would otherwise go without being done.

If you are a teacher in the county and have a creative way that you would like to approach a subject, please apply for a grant.  Many times we are able to combine our efforts with others that appreciate teachers and larger grants are made available.  This year we were very moved by one teacher who offered to make up the difference in the grant and what was needed themselves.  What dedication!

If you are a member of the community and would like to support our efforts to show teachers how much we appreciate them you can learn more at Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County.


Grants 4 Teachers is Accepting Grant Request From Anne Arundel County School Teachers

The school year has open and is well underway.  It is time for all of us to show our support for teachers in our community, as they are one of our most valuable resources.  Grants4Teachers is now accepting grant applications from AACPS teachers for those special projects in their classroom that will not be funded by others.

We are looking for creative ideas that teachers would like to implement to bring the love and joy of learning to their students.  If you are a teacher please think about what you could do special with your students if you only had the money for the supplies.  If you are a parent, be sure to share this opportunity with your school and all the teachers.  We have supplied violins, trips, and some very special art project materials in the past and we are looking forward to doing the same this fall.

Here is the website for complete information:

Here is the simple one page application: Grants 4 Teachers – Grant


Grants 4 Teachers: Balanced Life Skills Community Project

The winter cycle for grant applications is now complete and we will be meeting on Tuesday March 1, with the Advisory Board to award grants for applicants.  We are looking forward to being able to meet some of the needs of our dedicated teachers in Anne Arundel County along with Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County.

If you are a teacher that would like a grant to accomplish something special in your classroom be sure to make application.  If you are a person or business that would like to support and build the morale of teachers in our county please investigate what we are doing and consider contributing to the Grants 4 Teachers Fund.