Friendship is one of those things in life that warms our very souls.  While we may have many acquaintances in our circles, having a true friend is very special.  There is the knowledge that our friend really cares about us and we trust them with our joys and sorrows without fear of judgement. Choosing our… Read More

Each month we will discuss one gift of character with all of our students. This month the word is Friendship.  This life skill will be defined in the following ways for our students. Young students: Friendship means: We care, share and work together! Older students: Initiative means:  A relationship we choose based on mutual interest,… Read More

The four steps to completing an idea are thought, initiative, action, and momentum.  Without those four steps, our idea, goal, dream is just an imaginary thought that will accomplish nothing outside of our own head.  Other times we get the thought, initiate action, but then get stuck.  We find it harder to get or keep… Read More

“Thinking is easy, acting is difficult” is a quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.  Initiative is when a thought is connected to action.  It is when you think of something and then actually do something.  So many people have ideas, a lesser number of individuals act on those ideas.  When to start practicing initiative is… Read More

We will be talking about taking initiative with our students this month. Initiative is when we are willing to accept responsibiliy for taking action – and then doing so.  In fact it may be an action or it may be on an idea that we have had.  Many times getting that first step out of… Read More