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Back a few months ago, my son Sean watched a Tiger Tot class and interviewed me for a paper he had been assigned in one of his classes. The results were a short story “The Word You Say Inside Your Head”. He received a 99.5 grade on the paper.
I sent the paper to my instructor and he told me that we must publish it. So here is the first step in that process. I will be having it printed and may take it to an e-book format some time soon. For the time though I thought you may enjoy it.
Please feel free to send it to your friends and let them know about our program and how the martial arts has been of benefit to you and your child.

The Word You Say Inside Your Head

Here is a philosophy for all to live by

word of month character

I use a quote from John Wooten about what success is and in this interview he talks about how to be successful.  His words are so true and apply, in my mind, to every part and endeavour we may take in our life, including our martial arts training.  Tell me what you think about this interview.

Least toxic mosquito spray

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Today one of our student’s mom brought this information to my attention and I think it is well worth sharing. As I am sure you can imagine the only time I get to spend in the garden and working on the lawn is in the early morning and evening, when the mosquito’s seem to really like to go after me. So I have tried a number of items to help prevent bites. Here are some suggestions to how to do this without hurting yourself even more with toxic ingredients.
How to repel Mosquitoes Safely
If you have more ideas please let me know.

Creativity & children

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This morning when I woke up and went to the kitchen I found this note for me from my youngest son, Sean. (20)
I believe creativity is not a character trait some are born with while other’s not, but a fundamental quality of the human condition; and as such, deserves to be developed alongside all other qualities distinguishing humans as human. You taught me how to think for myself, the most important lesson on creativity I could’ve asked for, which is why I bought this book for you: because every little action towards a more creative life is a part of the grander evolution towards a more fulfilling one. So happy birthday, and let’s keep digging at this archaeological site called life.
The book was ‘How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci’. I cannot wait to read this, as Sean is a very creative person, and I am interested in this subject from the standpoint that I believe we have a responsibility to allow our kids to be creative and more important to think for themselves. This thought of a ‘self directed’ child is very interesting to me and I hope to develop some conversation here about helping our child to to do this for themselves. Any thoughts or comments?
By the way today is my birthday, Mr. Joe (54)

SPAN Visit

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After the great Art Show we had in June we have been invited to visit the Severna Park Assistance Network’s location to see how they help others and to learn about the need in the community. I would like to invite families in BLS community to join me in this visit on Tuesday morning. If you are able to come to this July event please click here and fill out the quick form.
Sign up
Title: SPAN Visit
Location: 400 Benfield Rd. Severna Park
Description: The recipient of the Art Show fundraiser has invited us to see their operation.
Start Time: 10:30
Date: 2008-07-08
End Time: 11:00


word of month character

Young students

Determination means “I’ve got a ‘no-quit, go for it’ attitude!”

Older students, teens, adults:

Determination is the attitude needed to define a goal and then follow through to the end.  (A no quit, go for it attitude)