Speaking & Workshops

Group speaking


All of the programs listed here will soon be moving to a non-profit that is created to serve parents, teachers, students, and schools. Look for an announcement soon for Name My Virtues. I am very excited to bring this to schools everywhere.

  • Family Engagement Program (Four-week program)
    • Family Engagement Program (Four-week program)
      • The family is a team,
      • Discipline: Not too hard Not too soft!
      • Setting logical consequences,
      • Building resilience in our children
  • A Family Mission Statement & How to Create Yours
    • Can you articulate why you are a family, what is your purpose, what the core values of your family are and how you and your family will make a difference in the world?  This powerful family ‘starter kit’ will bring unity to your family and on the path to reaching your family goals in a powerful way.
  • Bully Prevention:
    • Learning that a child is being bullied is very hard to take as a parent.  What to do to help a child is even harder.  Mr. Van Deuren is the #1 resource in Anne Arundel County on this subject for parents and kids.  This program answers:
      • Understanding what bullying really is about
      • What to do if my child is being bullied
  • Youth Suicide Prevention in our Communities (free)
    • A 30-minute presentation on why every teen and adult needs suicide prevention training
    • A 90-minute training on suicide prevention.  This training is FREE for any group.

To request Mr. Van Deuren as a speaker or group training: Email or call