Keynote Speaker for Parent Conferences

Group speakingSpeaking Topics:

  • Gifts of Character – Bring Out The Best in Your Family
    • We all agree that parenting does not come with a guidebook.  We want to instill ‘doing the right thing’ in our children.   Gifts of Character and the Five Practices will bring out the best in children and parents, getting them on the right track for a safe, healthy, successful & happy life.
  • A Family Mission Statement & How to Create Yours
    • Can you articulate why you are a family, what is your purpose, what the core values of your family are and how you and your family will make a difference in the world?  This powerful family ‘starter kit’ will bring unity to your family and on the path to reaching your family goals in a powerful way.

More Speaking Topics:

  • Youth Suicide Awareness in our Communities
    • 30 minute presentation on why every teen and adult needs suicide prevention training
    • 90 minute training on suicide prevention.  This training is FREE to any group.
  • Bully Prevention: Learning that a child is being bullied is very hard to take as a parent.  What to do to help a child is even harder.  Mr. Van Deuren is the #1 resource in Anne Arundel County on this subject for parents and kids.  Three subjects that he speaks to groups about:
    • Understanding what bullying really is about
    • What to do if my child is being bullied
    • What to do if my child is the bully
  • Anger – Recognize & Manage Anger
    • Helping your children – helping yourself – gaining peace in the home.

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