Coaching Strategy

What Will We Do?

Guided by the Virtues Project, Family Virtues Guide, Systematic Training for Effective Parenting, and Active Parenting, we will work together in a coach like practice to support your family and parenting goals. With newfound knowledge and skills, and an attitude of doing what it takes, together we will…

  • Identify where you are right now and what your hopes and dreams are for your family
  • Discover the struggles of parenting that you would like to overcome
  • Identify your core values and virtues that you want your whole family to live by
  • Practice strategies to
    • Speak in a way for your children and others to hear you
    • Recognize teachable moments
    • Set clear boundaries and consequences that work
    • Honor the spirit of every family member as individual and team
    • Guide, counsel, and companion, so your children learn to make choices that are best for them
    • Encourage growth in a way that builds self-esteem
  • Celebrate your progress as you see your desired changes taking place
  • Continued support and maintain the results of your effective parenting

How long does it take?

The coaching process typically takes an initial 12 sessions for personalized coaching. Generally, we recommend 4 sessions done weekly and then once every two weeks as you implement strategies. We also encourage all clients to continue sessions in the future even if they are once a month or every other month, sharing what is new for you, what are the latest struggles. Sometimes our struggles are outside of parenting, and we are prepared to help you in other areas with Life Coaching. Getting coaching is one of the most powerful ways of continual growth and development.

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