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Become a QPR Gatekeeper

Please find attached an invitation to attend a very important information session for parents of children of all ages.  For the last three years a number of individuals and groups of public and private sector have made an impact in Anne Arundel County Public Schools training all teachers and school personell how to recognize the warning signs and how to respond to suicidal ideation and communication. QPR Gatekeeper Training Flyer Balanced Life Skills is making this available for all of our parents and anyone in the public that would like to learn to possibly prevent a possible tragedy.  We have

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Out of the Darkness Walk

Coming up this September there is an event that while difficult to talk about is an important one to our community.  It is the Out of the Darkness Walk held on September 18, 2010.   I will join hundreds of others on this walk to raise money to prevent suicide.  Last year over 350 individuals joined us in this effort. 

Since the Out of the Darkness Walk in 2009 I have had the privilege to be a part of the Youth Suicide Awareness Task Force here in Anne Arundel County.  There have been 44 of us trained to teach others how to recognize the signs of those who may be considering ending their life. This year with a grant received from, Garrett Lee Smith Youth Suicide Prevention, along with the work of this Task Force we will be training an additional 19 individuals and completing the training of many individuals (gatekeepers) in our community.  The groups being trained at this time are the majority of those in the school system and many other youth leaders, coaches and public service individuals. 

I have personally never undertaken a more important work.
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