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James K. is Supporting Childhood Cancer Research

Before picture!

Balanced Life Skills student is a HERO one more time.  Jimmy K. is supporting childhood cancer research by agreeing to have his hair shaved on March 11.  It would be great to support him and St. Baldricks for this good work.  This is the second time that Jimmy has participated in this event.  It is very cool when someone has a cause that they are passionate about.

Here is a link to Jimmy K. and St. Baldrick

Good job Jimmy!

BLS students complete fundraising for St. Baldrick with head shaving

Connor, Ethan, Eric and James keep their promise

So now they have their heads shaved and all for a good cause.  They raised money to help St. Baldricks and their Cure Cancer Drive.  Our 3 students and a dad raised hundreds of dollars in this effort.

Thanks to all of them for making all of us aware of the work that needs to be done.  Click here to see Jimmy’s Story.

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