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Radical Acceptance

Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach The third chapter of this book is the one that really got me hooked.  It is called The Sacred Pause: Resting Under the Bodhi Tree.  Prior to that though I enjoyed the writing and understood where Ms. Brach was coming from, it was this chapter on pausing that made me stop and think about myself in the real world. She gave the example of everyone’s hero, Chuck Yaeger who followed several other pilots trying to go in the atmosphere with their plane where no one else had been.  All of them killed, frantically trying to

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What makes disciplined people successful?

If I were to say to you “Eat the big frog first”, you may find that disgusting. But when we talk about discipline that is exactly what we need to do. Find out more about what that means and how I have been using it to reach my goals.
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