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What is Bully Kindness?

The Buddhist Answer to Bullies Published in Psychology Today this article list 5 steps in stopping bullying. See the suffering Protect yourself Use Mantra’s Apply Kindness Cut-off    If you would like to see the full article here is the link. The Buddhist Answer to Bullies I found this article interesting, though I must say that we must be careful in all of our suggestions to our children or ourselves about bullying that we do not leave the victim feeling “less than”.  This leads to a life time of issues that will only need to be dealt with later in

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The Four stages of anger: the aftermath

Now while the explosion, large or small is the event that gets most of the attention, it is what happens after that really has the larger impact on parents, children and anyone that was affected.  It is the time that we can confront the original problem and any new ones that may have come up from the ‘explosion’. How can we handle this in the most effective way?
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