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Life Skills: Confidence – The Definition

Word of monthEach month we will discuss a life skill with all of our students. This month the word is Confidence.  This word will be defined in the following ways for our students.

Young students: Compassion means: “I believe in me and you!”

Older students: Compassion means:  Complete trust in ourselves and others.

Each age group has a worksheet that parents can use to continue the discussion at home with their children, and one for adults to allow them to think more deeply about the skill and how it applies to them. Would you like to receive the worksheet? Stop by our studio at 133 Gibralter Avenue in Annapolis, MD and tell us the age of your child. We will give you a worksheet and invite you to watch Mr. Joe discuss the word with the students in class.  You can also follow our discussions here on this website.

If you would like to become a member of Balanced Life Skills, come TRY CLASSES FOR FREE.   We are not your typical after school activity, in fact we are an education center, working with our students on physical skills along with empowering families with compassion, awareness and respect – creating a culture of peace – through the arts.  We believe in every child and build their self – confidence.  Balanced Life Skills takes part in community service and encourages each student to do the same.


3 ways to renew our efforts in reaching our goals

Recharging-The-Blogging-BatteriesThe feeling of frustration can take over when we are making mistakes, not getting the success we would like to see and we may feel like quitting.  We may have a picture in our mind of what our results will look like, and it is just not happening.  Interestingly enough our deepest moments of frustration come when our expectations and realities are not meeting each other.  So how can we maintain persistence in effort?

Self talk – If we use self talk in a positive manner, helping ourselves to calm down and stay focused on the big picture we will be able to continue on our quest.   The ideas that we suggest to ourselves will become our reality.  If we suggest that this is a way waste of time – it shall become a waste of time.  If we have a setback and our self talk suggests that this is catastrophic we will believe that it is.  Ask yourself instead, “What is so great about this?”

Coaching – Do you have a mentor or a coach that you can talk to.  Many times another person can see the big picture easier than we can, just due to their objectivity.  Talking with our group of private supporters may be just what we need to get out of our own self pity.

Have you recharged your battery recently?  When we are feeling challenged or frustrated it could be we are tired, hungry or need to exercise.  For many of us, going for a walk, getting some exercise in or sitting quietly is what we need to recharge ourselves.  Remember that recharging is different for everyone.  For some it is being by themselves and for others some quiet time alone for reflection.

Everyone of us have different methods of recharging.  For some quiet meditation and being alone with our thoughts can help us to recharge.  Others find being around others and bouncing ideas around a method of recharging.   Certainly though, surrounding ourselves with others who share our enthusiasm for our personal goal and who have shown themselves to be supportive and persistent in reaching their own goals will help us when we are feeling like giving up or quitting.  Being persistent helps us be successful in reaching our goals.


Lil’ Dragon Classes

Lil’ Dragons (Age 5/6 – Kindergarten & First Grade)

Portfolio-young classThe Lil’ Dragon program for 5 and 6 year olds is taught in two classes per week (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday). We believe that our 5 & 6 year old students (Kindergarten and First graders) still learn the best by play. Based on this belief, we use instructional approaches that fit their needs. We constantly work to identify safe, innovate, and fun ways to connect with our students to make their training something beyond learning to kick and punch. A major focus continues to be to teach how to help and serve others. In addition to the physical work they are doing, they continue to practice doing acts of kindness and will begin to learn how to lead their own projects of service to their community. We emphasize to them that their most important team is their family and the need to contribute to the family by doing chores without being asked is a part they can do to contribute.

Session begins Monday August 25, 2014
For information on Summer Schedule please call 410-263-0050