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“Creating original work to improve ourselves and the world around us.”


Balanced Life Skills is rolling out an exciting new theater program that will give students the opportunity to change the world. This program will teach students valuable life skills such as diction, movement, research and public speaking while harnessing their imaginations in order to tell compelling stories. They will also be exploring issues that are important to them and taking ownership of all aspects of production for  piece that will engage the community and inspire people to become a part of the solution. Here is a look at what we have planned for the coming year. If you have questions about any of these programs, please contact

Summer 2014

  • Summer Campers will explore the world of Shakespeare, Comedia Dell’Arte, and Kabuki
  • Students will explore Deforestation, Equality and War and make a presentation on these important issues at the end of each week
  • Kick It! girls perform at First Sunday Arts Festival
  • Click here to register for our summer camp!

Fall 2014

  • First 10 Week Theater Sessions begin
  • Participation in the Annapolis Fringe Festival
  • One – Two Day workshops offered that will include Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Performing Arts
  • Fall Showcase for Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Performing Arts
  • Click here to visit the performing arts page and learn more about our program offerings

Stay tuned to find out how else our students will change the world!






Balanced Life Skills 10th Anniversary

Balanced Life Skills 10th Anniversary celebrated with Mr. Tony’s First Degree Test

Tony 4024 smallOn Friday October 25, Balanced Life Skills hosted Mr. Tony for his First Degree Belt Test. It was a great evening and we will be posting some of the video from the test at later dates. In addition though I was surprised by another celebration that I was not aware was taking place.

Ms. Ariel and others got together and created a picture book depicting our last 10 years of Balanced Life Skills. On November 3, 2003 – Balanced Life Skills was born. It’s start was in a very small room shared with stationary bikes. Each day the mats were placed and picked up. At the beginning there were just a couple of students in each class. We have grown from there to our present location on Gibralter Avenue.

The goal and mission of Balanced Life Skills has always been to provide great training in the martial arts, and to supplement that with character building and community service. While physical self defense is an important confidence builder, it certainly is not the only kind of defense we must be able to display. In fact very few of us will be attacked by someone we do not know physically – but virtually all of us will be threatened with conflict with others, anger issues or an issue with our diet. All of this kind of education is SELF DEFENSE.

This year we are announcing the forming of Balanced Life Skills Way. This will be online curriculum, personal workshops, personal coaching in all kinds of subjects that make up a way of living. Primarily they will be for parents and children / young adults. They will include subjects ranging from anger management to time management. They will help young people learn to write resumes and be interviewed for college or a job. In the next few years I see this program having an impact on all of those that take part. We talk about and train these skills in our classes – but now is time to make them available to others.

Thank you to everyone that has made Balanced Life Skills the school it is today and we look forward to more collaboration of experts helping us cultivate compassion, awareness and respect in every child and family resulting in well rounded Community Ambassadors.


Balanced Life Skills Visual Arts is coming!

Our goals for the next few years is to have a martial arts, visual arts and performing arts as a part of our programs, reaching children where they are, building character, confidence and contribution.  Here is our first program in the visual arts – ART IN MIND – developed and presented by Jen Selby, black belt candidate 2013.  Please JOIN us on February 18 for a preview.  Invite your friends to be a part of a revolution for all students.  CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW THE PREVIEW WENT FOR THE ART IN MIND CLASS


Operation: BuddyPack

Operation: BuddyPack was a huge success! Thank you to every student and family who contributed for the backpacks to be filled with toiletries, school supplies, and games or toys to pass the time! Thousands of children in the New Jersey and New York area are without homes and all of the comforts that a home usually brings. Thanks to you, 10 additional children have been given a backpack full of practical supplies, and comfort. Mr. Joe and I cannot express the gratitude we have for all of you – the families at BLS – that helped put a smile on those children’s faces. We owe a very special ‘Thank you’ to Caroline S. and her family for bringing Operation: BuddyPack to the studio. And another special ‘Thank you’ to Max and Joey P.’s family for providing two completely filled packs to our collection!

It has been very heartwarming to see how quickly our students and parents were ready to sign-up to go out of their way to purchase and bring in brand-new supplies! I got so many replies, “Is that all?” from families that were so willing to donate more. Hurricane Sandy left behind a path of destruction, but in that wake, our Mid-Atlantic region has been able to witness the power of community connection!